The experts for wafer and snack production

With more than 100 years of experience HEBENSTREIT offers as the only manufacturer worldwide fully automatic plants for the production of flat and hollow wafers – ranging from the wafer batter preparation to the automatic feeding facilities for downstream packaging machines, chocolate coating plants or chocolate moulding plants – and all of it exclusively developed and made in Germany.

In addition HEBENSTREIT supplies automated extrusion plants for the production of savoury and sweet snacks as well as breakfast cereals.

The program of HEBENSTREIT includes:

Automatic Wafer Baking Machines

Automatic Feeding Devices

Wafer Sheet Coolers

Special Equipment

Wafer Sheet Conditioners

Batter Production Plants

Wafer Spreading Machines

Cream Production Plants

Wafer Sandwich Coolers

Compact Plants

Wafer Cutting Machines










Snack Extrusion Plants

Mixing Systems with "Tecon-Technology"

Laser Cleaning Technology



Our key strength is our expertise in customised solutions for the realization of innovative product ideas. We maintain our market share in an area where customers have extremely sophisticated technical demands.


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