We see the success of our customers with constantly evolving product ideas as an ongoing challenge.
The quality and cost-effective manufacture of their products is our highest priority.

Technische Innovationen bei HEBENSTREIT Technische Innovationen bei HEBENSTREIT Technische Innovationen bei HEBENSTREIT

Our engineers and technologists go to great lengths to ensure constant further development which is borne out by our consistently strong market position. Our key strength is product development, carried out in collaboration with the most successful wafer manufacturers in the world.

Founded in 1898 in Radebeul near Dresden, HEBENSTREIT has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 1950, and since 1978 in Moerfelden-Walldorf, in the immediate vicinity of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport. We can therefore look back on 110 years of tradition.

In 1997, the original company in Radebeul returned to the fold of the HEBENSTREIT Group. Besides the headquarters and parent works in Frankfurt, an ultramodern machining center is conducted in Dresden.


HEBENSTREIT in Mörfelden-Walldorf

Headquarters and parent works in
Moerfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt am Main


Ancillary plant in Radebeul near Dresden

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