Apart from a great number of significant developments in the field of wafer production the company may also look back on several most interesting innovations.

At the Interpack 2014 Fair we presented a completely revised extrusion plant concept for the processing of maize grits and other raw materials.

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Universal spreader head
The spreader head is designed for processing the cream filling by the film method or for certain applications by the continuous contact method:
With the film method the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and transfers it onto the wafer sheet.
With the contact method, the wafer sheet takes the cream from the spreading roller through direct contact.
With the film method it is possible to process all cream types which form a "non-tearing" film. The film method is particularly gentle on the wafer sheet because the application roller does not touch the wafer sheet.
Depending on the cream type and the required thickness of the cream layer, all parameters, such as the desired spreading width or the speed of the spreader roller and counter roller which are activated by separate drives, are individually adjustable.
Programmable parameters enable a speedy changeover from one product to another. The spreading roller and counter roller can be designed to order for cream fillings with nuts or granules.

A particular advantage is the adjustable spreading width by means of axially adjustable spreading rollers with a new-type radial and axial roller seal. The roller gap is adjusted by means of an electrical adjustment unit.

The entire spreader head is height-adjustable and easy to remove for cleaning. The spreading roller and counter roller are equipped with heating bars. The intermediate knife and the film knife are made of highstrength special plastic.
A level sensor controls the automatic feeding of cream to the spreader head.

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A future-oriented project involved modified automatic wafer baking machines in order to produce biologically degradable food containers.

In collaboration with a renowned company we put into operation, for example, a fully automatic high-capacity baking machine for the production of baked food bowls for hamburgers. By means of a vacuum take-off drum already developed back in 1990, 240 hamburger bowls per minute were taken off the baking plates fully automatically – a remarkable innovation by HEBENSTREIT !

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Individual baking stands for the production of bio-degradable bowls, with the advantage of being able to simultaneously produce bowls of different sizes.

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A while later, two customized high-capacity plants for pre-fried and deep-frozen potato pancakes, each with a capacity of 15 000 pieces per hour, were installed.

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Moreover, a very interesting development for the production of spiral-wound, round wafer rolls was carried out: a sugary batter was deposited on a circulating Teflon-coated belt from which an extremely thin batter strip was baked which was then rolled, filled and cut to the desired length.

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