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Laser Cleaning Technology

Wafer baking plates needs to be cleaned periodically. The frequency depends mainly on the batter ingredients and usually varies between once a month and once a year. Doing this with the traditional caustic soda method it is a very time consuming job and the process creates various

HEBENSTREIT has now developed a fully automatic cleaning technology.

A robotic handling system is adapted to the rear side of the baking machine. This automated system handles the opening and closing of the baking plate carriers so that the cleaning process can be carried out. Various cleaning methods such as laser, dry ice pellets etc. can be used for the cleaning process. Using the proven laser technology powered by the German expert SLCR provides the most benefits and the most efficient way of cleaning. Beside the main task to clean the baking plate surface the HEBENSTREIT technology is also able to clean the vent strips which are very significant for the baking process. Various tests have proven and confirmed that no surface alteration occurs even after 20 years of laser cleaning with the HEBENSTREIT technology.

The system is designed to provide the highest flexibility so that only one handling system with the laser unit can be adapted to several HEBENSTREIT baking machines. Once each baking machine has been prepared for the docking process, the baking plates and vent strips can be cleaned in a minimum time and at lowest cost.

Wafer baking machines of the series BAC can be upgraded with this technology.

Fully automated cleaning process
Cleaning time of max. one shift
Cleaning of the baking surface and the vent strips
Operating cost for one cleaning cycle of max. 20,00 €  including wear parts
Environmental friendly process technology
Dry and dust free process
No water usage
No contamination with chemicals
No water spillage inside the baking machine
Longer life time of machine components
Very low noise level during cleaning process
International patent pending, since 2012; National patent pending, since 2011

Join the new automated cleaning process.

Improve your baking efficiency.

For more information, see this also in our special video:


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