© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH
© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH

The experts for flat and hollow wafer production

Flat wafers are manufactured with fine, medium or deep reeding in all manner of shapes and sizes, as well as with company logo or special engraving, if required. They are filled with one or more layers of cream, caramel, chocolate or jam.
© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH

Flat wafers are also produced as coated wafer bars in a huge range of shapes and sizes. In some cases they are sprinkled with nuts and then coated with chocolate.

© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH

Flat wafers are also made into moulded wafer bars whereby the wafers are either half or completely immersed in the chocolate mould.

© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH

Hollow wafers are made up of two wafer halves that are filled and joined. The multitude of shapes and sizes that they offer gives customers the freedom to design their very own unique product. Additional variations, such as inserting whole hazelnuts, and then either adding a chocolate coating and decorating or simply coating with a sprinkling of nuts, mean that customers can let their imaginations run virtually free when it comes to new designs.

© 2009 Hebenstreit GmbH

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