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Wafer Spreading Machines

The cream filling is applied either using the „film“ or „contact“ method. Depending on the stage
of expansion, a multitude of different products can be manufactured.

Wafer Spreading Machine WZ
Fully automatic high-capacity spreading machine for applying the cream filling using the „film” method. Output of up to 120 wafer sheets per minute, depending on the composition of the sandwich. A major advantage is the individually adjustable width of the cream film for processing different types of cream.

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Stacking Station
The completely innovative high-capacity stacking station guarantees an extremely gentle handling of the wafer sheets due to its smooth method of operation during the stacking procedure. The wafer sheets are being supported over the entire width – a considerable advantage particularly when processing delicate wafer sheets with a thick layer of cream. Any number of wafer sheets per wafer sandwich can be selected.

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Wafer Spreading Machine WZK
Wafer spreading machine for fully automatic cream application using the „contact“ method.
The wafer sheets – and the cover sheets as well – are passed under the spreader head.

Combination with a second spreader head allows the production of wafers with different fillings like, for example, light/dark/light or vice versa.


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Hollow Wafer Spreading Machine WZH
In combination with a nut depositing device NE, for i.e. the production of wafer spheres with whole hazelnuts inserted.

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Check Weigher KW
Constant wafer sandwich weights are achieved though the continuous regulation of  the cream application.

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