Wafer batter preparation plants are important particularly for fully automatic high-capacity plants. A constant process flow, recipe accuracy, dosing precision and homogeneous mixing of every individual ingredient are decisive factors behind the efficiency of the entire wafer production plant.

One significant feature of the TMX wafer batter preparation plant is the way the mixing bowl is installed on three electronic weighing cells to weigh bulk ingredients such as flour, maize starch, rye flour, sugar and process water. 
Depending on the raw materials, recipe and process flow, a plant designed to be fully automatic can produce around 7.5 batches per hour, equating to a batch time of only 8 minutes.
It offers ultra-precise dosing of raw materials, homogeneous mixing of recipe ingredients and fully automatic feeding of several different recipes to one or more automatic baking machines for the production of flat and hollow wafers or wafers made from batters containing sugar. 
Depending on the recipe and the required degree of automation, the plants’ modular structure allows their layout to be customized.


Mixer size
150 l, 200 l, 300 l, 400 l
Batch size
up to 320 kg
Max. capacity
up to 2400 kg / h