Filled snacks are very special und popular products. The production process is relatively cheap and they are easy to manufacture. Filling with fat cream takes place at the special extruder die. The filled strands are then brought into their shape in a pillow molding system. Embossing is possible in square, rectangular or triangular pillows, as arrows or tubes. The filling or slurry can contain nutritionally valuable components. High temperature short time extruded products are easy to use and store and have a long shelf life.

  • Preparing Mixture
  • Extrusion
  • shaping and pressing of the strands
  • Drying
  • (seasoning)
  • grains
  • animal flours
  • filling ingredients
  • flavours
  • colourings
  • spices

Seasoning with a fat-based slurry consisting of: fat, vitamins, protein powders, flovours, spices

fat-based filling

  • filled pillows for dogs, cats