Traditionally, croutons are made from white bread. If croutons are produced by extrusion, nutritionally valuable raw materials can be used in a targeted manner. It is also possible to produce croutons in all shapes and sizes. Directly at the die small shapes (e.g. animals, cubes) are cutting with a knife. The used recipe, raw materials, process parts, process parameters and technologies characterize the end product.

  • Preparing mixture
  • Extrusion
  • Cutting
  • Drying
  • (Seasoning)
  • (Drying)
  • legumes
  • grains
  • protein powders
  • dried vegetable granules

Seasoning with a savoury slurry consisting of: oil, salt, spices, herbs, vegetable powders, cheese powders, flavours, coconut oil

  • as topping in salads and soups
  • as savoury snack
  • as ingredient in cereal mixtures, curd and yoghurt
  • as filling in instant products (potato mash,….)